HOPEFULLY, The Beginning of My Weightloss Journey

              Hopefully? I know that’s what you’re thinking right? Well here, let me explain. In short I have “applied” for weight loss surgery. Now I say applied because I am actually waiting for my insurance to get all they need to see if they will cover it. Which it will take at least two more weeks anyways for my physiological evaluation to come through. I meet the requirements for it; severely overweight, medical conditions(Diabetes type 2, PCOS, depression, aches and pains). That’s all you really need and I know it is a huge step especially for someone my age( I am fairly young, in my 20s) but it is something that I feel needs to be done and I cannot live to eat any longer than I already have. Its time to eat to live. Food controls to majority of my life right now, thoughts every 10 minutes of so cross my mind of ” what am I going to eat next?”, “whats for dinner?”, “What time is it? Time to eat again?”. I don’t like living this way, its terrible. So it’s time for a change and I am hoping everything is approved.

           “What if it isn’t?” “Do you have a backup plan?” I do actually, weightwatchers. I know it’s weird that I haven’t tried it yet but no one knows me like I do, with the exception of my husband. I am a quitter and I need something that I am not going to quit on. Weightwatchers is my last resort because I feel I am so easily quit it. I know it may not make a lot of sense but it’s me and this is what I need to do. I will be exercising no matter what of course. I would like as little loose skin as possible even though I do know I will have it anyways.

“Which one?” Gastric sleeve. My husband and I have been talking about this for right around a year and we were so set on the bypass but when we met with the surgeon he recommended( and I do mean it was his opinion, he didn’t push at all) the sleeve. His reasoning made a lot of sense to us. The biggest reason, children. We have been trying for 4 years now and haven’t had any luck. So when he asked if starting a family was something we wanted to eventually do we said yes. See we the bypass there are possible complications with gathering the nutrition you need and that would be the issue. A malnourished fetus. That’s something I don’t want and I am not very good at taking pills due to physical complications, but that will be a story for another time.

       With the sleeve it is less likely get absorbing the nutrition won’t be an issue because I will have all of my intestines to absorb. Another reason he stated was because I am so young and it is a drastic surgery and said the sleeve is less drastic. Losing over 100lbs just sounds like a dream. I stand 5’2 at 268lbs and I am expected to lose over 100lbs. That would be amazing. I am hopefully but like I said I have a fall back plan.

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