On My Nerves is an Understatement

     It’s true, it’s an understatement. I tend to get annoyed easily but I mean this is way pass my threshold. Who you may ask? My friends mother…That right someone that isn’t even in the picture that often but she is here now and let me tell you everything is annoying. It’s actually hard to be in the same room with this person. Moaning, groaning whenever she gets up to do something, my god it is terrible. The baby talk she does constantly…and I do mena constantly. But her hounding her daughter, my friend, for money is the most annoying of it all. Now let me say this first before you read any further into this and start judging me. I KNOW it is my friend and her business, what she does with her money is her business. I am aware and that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean I cannot vent about it. That’s what I am doing here, venting because it really does irritate me.

        A little bit of money, a few dollars, an IOU, nope not even close. Lets give you a perspective here. She came up here for a vehicle. She bought her ticket, paid for all her food, she’s here using the electricity, the water. That’s all fine right? Yeah sure it is and I agree. However lets factor in everything else like all the clothes that her mothers tricks her into feeling guilty to buy, the stuff for the new vehicle, the shoes, the accessories all the meals that aren’t at home. Now this woman has a job. She does and that’s what is annoying. She is using her in my eyes because my friends fiancé actually has an issue with this. Beauty trips, I need this, I need that. Its all being paid for by her daughter, now in my home my mother would never ask me for a dime and would attempt to pay for everything. I have to beg my mother not to pay for everything and let me throw this out there. My friend is not offering to buy this, her mother is “dropping hints” all the time. I do mean all the time too. Even to me. I went to the store with her the other day and she was walking through dropping hints for me to buy her stuff the entire time. HAHA NO, not happening like ever.

         Next thing, the mess. Oh lord has mercy the mess.  I have woken up multiple times in the morning and found countless pieces of trash all over the living room. Food wrappers all over the place, shopping bags from previous trips with her daughter, clothes, shoes, papers, just everything like she lives there and she does not. Hopefully never will…better not. Now lets talk about the constant annoying sound of her voice. Holy sweet baby everything, just everything there are some people that should never be allowed to speak and she is one of them. If anyone ever wanted a voice transplant it should be her, it is WHINEY oh, so whiney, high and just annoying and YES she can control it!!! Because she chooses to talk this way. I have heard her “resting voice” as I like to call it, a more natural more unaltered voice and it is MUCH better than what I hear all the time.

           The complaining, wow, yeah lets just leave it there, its all the time about everything all day, every minute. Im pretty sure she does it in her sleep as well.


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