In the last several years in our town we have had people coming up to elderly women as they enter a store and pulling the purse right off their shoulder.  They usually have a person waiting in a car near by so all they have to do is steal the purse and jump in the moving car and off they go.

In the last several months the purse thieves have increased their activities.  At a store just less than a half mile from my home they have struck twice.  A another store 1 mile from my home they have also struck twice.

Years ago when the thieves first started I had heard that they had knocked down a woman as she was entering Winco. They pulled so hard on the purse that was on her shoulder that she fell and was hurt in the process.

Both my brother and I have been telling my mom to stop carrying a purse when she is going shopping.  She never listened  when we told her 2 years ago but now that she has finally realized how serious it has become just in my town alone.

My mom lives in a town 15 minutes away from me but she come to my town to do shopping. I couldn’t help but notice the last time she came over she no longer had her purse.  She is carrying a small wallet that fits in her pants pocket.  She uses a safety pin to attach the wallet to the pocket so that it won’t come out when she is moving about. 

The other day I went to a store that has travel items.  I saw fanny packs that had 3 zip up compartments. The fanny pack was on sale for $10.00.  I bought 3 of them, one for me, one for my mom and one for my cousin.

I used mine the other day when I went to the store.  I won’t wear it on the outside of my clothes because those thieves could still come up and try to pull it off. I wore it under my blouse and you wouldn’t even know I had it on.  

I will give my mom her fanny pack when I take her to the casino for her birthday.  I have a free hotel stay at a nearby casino and we will be going to spend the night in a couple of weeks.  My mom’s birthday is not until early Oct but I have to celebrate her birthday early this year.  My brother booked a cruise that leaves at the end of Sept and they will be gone during her birthday.  They will actually be gone 25 days. 

I hope this fanny pack will help her.  It would be easier for her to use this than to keep trying to pin it insider her pocket.  

I liked my fanny pack. It feels funny not having a purse with me but I would rather be safe than sorry.  Carrying a purse right now in this town is just too risky right now.


3 thoughts on “PURSE THIEVES”

  1. I feel sad that you don’t feel secure in your surroundings. People that target vulnerable people make me sick. May god always keep you and your family safe x

  2. I miss reading and hearing from you here. I hope you are alright grannie 🙂

  3. Still miss you grannie, I hope everything is alright with you?!

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