Guess what? I’ve been in bed all morning till now, except I’m actually sitting and not laying down lol. I was up playing Hearthstone with my boyfriend before he had to get ready and do stuff to go to college, he’s starting today (last semester). He’s really smart, smarter than me hahaha but I have my own kind of smart, if you get what I mean and IF there is such a thing as another kind of smartness.

Anyways, my friend texted me about going out this Saturday to the movies, not sure what time though so I asked but no replies yet. I told my boyfriend while we were still on call for awhile and I could hear in his voice how upset he must be ’cause of how… not sure how to describe it but I guess you get me. Long distance relationship is hard but he asked for it, he asked me to be his girlfriend (it felt awkward) and I made sure that he was sure and he is. We both love each other very much but we get into meaningless fights sometime, it’s dumb! I just really hope things would work out for the both of us. We’ve been dating since May so it must be about 3 to 4 months now?

Anyhow, till tomorrow!

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