The Little Things

Today was so busy at work, we had the whole team in at work today. I was mostly in the spa treatment room on my own today so it was hard to analyse everyone at one. But I did notice something today. One of my co-workers Jaz made a big mistake in one of the customer’s transaction and she was panicking because she had over charged a customer. She wasn’t sure what to do next and was stressing out. I could see my manager, Tina going to the counter and telling her to calm down and reassure her that it’s okay. Tina guides Jaz through the steps in correcting the transaction and says “There, easy!” and turn to the customer, “Sorry about the wait, how about I give you a few samples?” I walked away with a smile because she handled it so smoothly. Tina and Vivian are very similar in how they showed authenticity. This exact thought crossed my mind, they just had that authenticity that was real, it wasn’t fake because it was a part of who they were. This is definitely a moment to ke14599736_1063514607094522_63454684_oep in my mind for the next few days.

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