Well, not a poem, after all

I needed a special card for a lady who is turning 100 next week.  I chose one and then realized it wasn’t appropriate ’cause it said “from both of us” and she’s never met Ron.  I decided to watercolor her a card. So I rummaged and bit and easily found my brushes and some dried paint on a plate.  I wet the paint (you can do that with water color, not with acrylic) and it turned into lovely puddles. I painted a kind of anemone, a little abstracted but not much.  It turned out well.  The water flowing from the tip of my brush went in all the right places.  I am so pleased!  I know she will like it.  Thank you, Jesus!

One thought on “Well, not a poem, after all”

  1. What a lovely gift you are giving her. You made your own card and that card is so special. It is filled with love. You put all your own love into every stroke of that brush when you painted it for her. She is going to love it.

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