Disappointments all over again

Today sure was busy. I didn’t get to interview my teammates with the interview questions I created but there were some eventful moments in the tutorials. In my first tutorial, I arranged for our team to film our presentation and also go through our group report but all the boys in the group messaged last minute and said they couldn’t show up. I felt really frustrated because it was the important meeting to cover our report and finish the presentation. I replied to everyone and said, “Okay you all have to make it next week”. It probably wasn’t the best tone, and it kind of relates to Monday when I felt that I had given up in people because I knew disappointments like this would happen. Next week, I really want to try to communicate effectively to my team mates how I really feel in a kinder way and explain my concerns. Overall this week was interesting. I never took notice these little things in my life, I constantly think about my way and have trouble understanding other people’s view. I’ve noticed this a big area I need to improve myself.

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