Friday again.

The day started at 5:15 a.m. which is not usual for me. I had to pick up my best friend and co-worker for work. I stayed at my boyfriend’s Mom’s house again last night. I rarely stay home any more. That’s not a good thing either. So much is being neglected at there. I check in on weekdays with just enough time to get ready for work; brewed coffee is but a memory. What happened to my life? Oh yeah, life.

I wanted to write, ‘I lost my way’ but that sounds religious and I’m definitely not that. And, what exactly is ‘the way’? Interesting…

So, I will leave work in 20 minutes, drive my girl to the bar then go pick up my man. We will probably stay out all night and end up at someone’s house because we can’t have privacy at either of ours residences. His mom and aunt and my roommates. Long story. Not worth the typing. So the drinking begins in about 20 minutes.

One thought on “Friday again.”

  1. Is carpooling required in your workplace? I confess I was always a little selfish in this department and refused to carpool… Or are you simply being nice, picking up your co-workers? If you didn’t have to pick so many people could you get more sleep? Your post talks about a lot of driving… Why do so few people in your life not have a car? Perhaps I’m being judgmental and they do have their own transportation? Some people just end up being the “wheels” of the group, I guess.

    Enjoy the drinking! Sometimes, we just need one, :).

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