How can I feel so alone when I’m surrounded by others?

Sitting in my house, surrounded by my family, I think is when I feel the loneliest. At least a lot more here often. My kids, well they are kids and think mostly of themselves, but that’s just how kids are a lot of times. Yes, my kids can be very compassionate and empathetic to others needs but well, when it comes to being a parent, your kids never really fully appreciate you until they move out, if even then. It does suck at times, but being a parent really is a thankless job. Why would I feel lonely around my spouse? Well let’s just say I’m pretty sure the cell phone gets way more attention than I ever will. Things have been rough and I definitely haven’t always been the most supportive spouse, but I’m still here. Trying. Trying to be present. Trying to engage. I just don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere with it. The online friends are more important. They listen. They understand. Apparently I don’t no matter how hard I try. I’ve gotten to the point I just don’t know what to do anymore. I love my spouse with all of my heart but is that enough? Am I enough? I sure don’t feel like it.

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  1. Hi buddy.. Be strong and love yourself for doing all those things which you do out of love and expect only love in return. It will all get sorted one day.. Take care god bless

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