I’m Back

Hey guys. Sorry i haven’t wrote in awhile a lot has happened. First I got kicked out of my house at 11:30pm a month ago and now I’m living in a bunk working with a carnival. Never thought my life would be this way. But ill get through it. Lately my depression has been really bad. My boss is a total asshole. Abuses his employees and threatens to fire them every time we turn around. He makes rude ass remarks about my relationship with my boyfriend. Everything is going down hill. But i always remember things have to get worse before they get better so I’m just holding on. Reading your guys comments makes my day. Im glad I’m inspiring you. Even if its only one person I’m glad i can help. Anyways i hope you guys remember no matter what happens your stronger and you will get through it. Ive been told no so many times it just makes me stronger and have more motivation. Depression can suck ass.

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