It’s Thursday already

Time flies nowadays. It feels like Monday was yesterday and it’s already Thursday now. Just one more day to the weekend. I’m not sure if I like it tho. Well, I actually want to feel more productive for all these times I had and I don’t think I do feel that much productive than I expect. I gotta try harder!!

I had a pretty good day today although it’s just work and home. Work was fun. Got carousel working on all the devices I have and started working on the json file for the content. I really think I’m gonna enjoy working on this part. A lot to learn and fun to work on. Can’t ask for more. Today, I also had some time to hang around with colleagues which was fun and actually makes me feel more productive. Skating part was good but I don’t really like the big wheels in the city. I will probably switch to small wheels now on.

Working out in the morning was good and I’m slowly catching up the routine I had when I was in Chicago. That’s good! Also fixed my car for just $30 at the auto shop next to me. It’s just crazy to see how Toyota dealer shop charges $180 for the exact same thing. It makes feel relieved for me to have one less thing to worry about.

Not much going on after work. I have been spending all my night at my apartment by doing laundry and working on the Google map project. It’s making a very slow progress but I still have no idea what I’m doing haha. I will eventually come up with final product tho! Just gotta put more time on it.

10:21 PM now. Yes, time for sleep and hopefully I get up early tomorrow for work out. Goodnight all 🙂

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