Not feeling welcome

So my sister does not act like a sister. I feel like an outsider to her and she could truly care less about me. Although she acts as if my daughter is hers and I can’t treat her like she thinks I should. Like she can talk, she is not the best parent, but I have never done anything but support her. Every time she kicks her husband out and takes him back, every time she makes terrible choices or lets her kids walk all over her!! I am there to show support, I never treat her bad, I send flowers on special occasions just to show I care. It is always me showing effort and support, I try to keep in touch just to see how she is doing. Does she do the same?? No, she only messages when she wants to keep MY daughter for the night. I am sick of it!! Her house is not the best place for anyone and I am starting to really see the truth now, time for me to back away and let things be as they are. Funny thing is that she always thinks its horrible towards her, but cannot seem to see what it does to those around her. And it sucks more because we are all that we have. Well I guess!

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