That’s what I’ve decided to call you. Have you ever been single, I mean fully alone? It’s hasn’t even been a month since we broke up and you are already dating someone new. But not just someone, I think you’ve been chasing this one for years. Maybe since high school, but you’re 28 now. I always thought you lived a little in the past, and now I see it. I had a feeling someone else was giving you attention. & now I see you got the girl you’ve been chasing. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how it looks.  You had everyone fooled, even your own friends. Talked about a future, helped make sure I was where I wanted to be/ where we would be set for the future. But as soon as you got her attention I was gone, you made sure I was taken care of and found a time to break it off.  Making it seem like I needed you. Did you forget I was on my own before you, sure I was living across the country where I knew no one, but I survived before you. I didn’t need you, I chose you. I chose to stay until the last possible minute with you, because I wanted to. I didn’t need you. Though now I’m starting to realize I think that’s what you want, to feel needed. To provide for someone, and for that someone to make you their all.  Not saying that you weren’t my all, I just had things I need to do before I could, well settle down and have a family. I thank you for standing by be and making sure I got back into nursing school, and supporting me until I moved back across the country. But I want to make sure you know I didn’t need you, I chose you. I chose to try and work the long distance, I chose to stay in Virginia with you till the last possible minute. & I did nothing but support you.

   I hope it works out like you imagined. I mean chasing someone from the past this long. I wish you the best, I really do. I don’t have an ounce of hate in me for you. Just hurt. Just feel like I was there to hold you until the next, or until you got what you wanted.  I was so confused on why you broke it off out of the blue. But now I see, you had one foot out the door chasing her, again. I say that like I know but, seeing as she’s from your hometown and you seem to know so much about each other. So now that you seem to have what you wanted, your promotion, your new truck, stationed near your hometown, I wish you the best I really do.

2 thoughts on “Overlapper”

  1. Cliche, but you dodged a bullet with this guy! I’ve never completely trusted people who can’t be alone. They make for needy friends and useless partners.
    It doesn’t sound like your relationship was all that bad! It’s over, sure, it sounds like you did benefit.
    Also, we’re all place holders for someone else at one time or another. Remember, you’ve probably used someone as such as well. It may not lessen the sting, but it does offer some normalcy.

    I’d give you another cliche line like “You’ll get through this,” but honestly, your attitude is fucking great. You didn’t need him. You DON’T need him.
    Cheers, sister!

  2. Thank you Noble Barbie. Just trying to take care of myself and do what’s best for me now. I’ve always put others before me, but now it’s time to do what I want and get where I want to be and hopefully then the right one will come around. I’ve been guilty of the overlapping but this time, not gonna happen. Time to take care of me. Thank you for your kind words!❤️

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