We took each other for granted
Back then, every thing felt jaded
We were too busy with our own chaotic minds,
not even to find a little time
to assess the whole situation
No room for real talk; just scrambling around for solutions
anything to reduce and slow the pace of the ongoing problems

We’ve taken each other for granted
either grown numb, apart, or exhausted
Sadness feels more like a distraction
We’ve kept quiet over what really needs to be mentioned
“It’s okay,” we’d tell each other and ourselves, like we normally do
silently wondering if it’s ever been really true
Then again, I never have the heart to turn you so blue

We still take each other for granted
Somehow, you still wish I’d remain all quiet and well-reserved
like that good little girl who’d hardly said a word,
but I’m not her anymore
and I’m done being unheard
Please, listen
You don’t have to understand every thing,
but at least accept that I have my own logical reasons

Will we ever be like this:
taking each other for granted, over time we’ll surely soon miss?
You can’t expect a grown cat to go back being a kitten
It’s my turn
I’m the one who’s supposed to give you the protection
even when I still need more time to learn

Please, set me free
Surrender all your worries to The Almighty
Let it be by His Mercy
that I’ll always be as alright as can be…

I’m sorry
You know you can’t always take care of me
I can’t go back hiding in the same old nest
even with your open arms and days are far from the best
Let me find my own way to pass this test…

…and no, this doesn’t mean that I love you less…


(Jakarta, 20/8/2016 – 12:18 pm)

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