Day 3

Hey everyone

It’s been a busy few days and now that it’s Saturday morning and the kids are gone for the weekend I actually have some time for myself. It’s a good time to talk about what’s been happening in my little world. 

So my little brother has been hospitalized. My girlfriend was by visiting a couple nights ago and we were talking about how ill my brother has been. She has type 1 diabetes and caries her meter with her where ever she goes so she tested my brothers blood sugar levels and he got a reading of a whopping 25. She convinced to go to the hospital immediately and sure enough they hospitalized him. He’s been there for two days now and his blood sugar level was measured at 11 this morning so I am very happy they are getting it under control. And he’s been diagnosed with type two diabetes. Insulin and pills for him. It’s completely reversible and I know my brother will lose the weight and won’t need to take it anymore. He’s only over weight because of lifestyle. He was always at a healthy weight his whole life until he started trucking and he stopped trucking two weeks ago and he’s already down 15 pounds. I wish I could lose weight as easily as that. I’m really happy that now he has a diagnosis and he’s gonna get better. 

So my brother definitely has a thing for my friend Shayna lol. She comes around and all his attention is on her lmao. I wouldn’t mind but I know Shayna is quite picky when it comes to men. I’ve known her for 6 years now and she has not been in a relationship and no dates that I am aware of. She has a mental image of what she wants and I personally think that no guy is right. She’s got a great big wall up. Someone hurt her bad I’m sure. All I can do is let it play out and I need to express to my brother that she probably doesn’t want to get into a relationship. 

So my uncle Dale wants to plan a family camping trip as a last one for him because he’s unfortunately very ill and probably won’t last much longer but there’s been some issues with who should be there and who should not. I asked for my ex husband and his brother chuck not to be there because they do nothing but cause me grief to the point where the doctor has me on anti depressants because of them. My little brother agreed with me that they don’t need to be there because it would make for a really shitty camping trip for me. My friend Shayna was invited because she’s like part of the family. She’s there for all the holidays and birthdays and has been for years now so yeah of course she’s invited but then my older brothers girlfriend starts whining that if she’s there then my older brother and his family won’t come. My older brothers fiancé doesn’t like her for no good reason at all. Hasn’t even given her the chance. Says Shayna is self centered but really Shayna is just confident. What I really think is happening there is my brothers fiancé is insecure. My older brother and his family stayed with me for 6 months when they first moved to town and everytime my friend Shayna came over she would disappear into the basement and my brother had to follow. My older brother has a history of being unfaithful and does many questionable things so I understand her insecurities but that’s completely unfair to Shayna because Shayna has done nothing wrong except be attractive. Anyways my uncle calls me up and says that my brother and his fiancé won’t be there if she’s invited and that she doesn’t need to be there because she isn’t family and that if she is invited then my ex husband will be invited as well. My uncle thinks the world of my ex husband and they’ve made it perfectly clear that they think more highly of him than me and it pisses me off because my ex has done so many loser things and they are oblivious to it and the family treats me like shit because my ex has to pay me child support and I get treated like I’m nothing but a user. Another one of the causes of my extreme depression and anxiety issues.  So the camping trip is up in the air right now. I know I am gonna get blamed for the whole thing. I sincerely feel I am standing up for what’s fair and I don’t think it’s unreasonable. 

My little brother has convinced me to move to a house. I told him I was afraid to be left high and dry in a place I can’t afford on my own because I do have 5 kids and landlords don’t like renting to me because of the number of kids I have it it makes it hard to find a descent place. I only have this place because I know the landlord and he’s rented to me before. I had to physically call him up and ask if he had anything for me because no one would rent to me because the amount of kids I have. He gave me a place big enough and cheap enough for my needs and it scares me to leave. But my brother swears he’s not going anywhere and he made a sort of a pact that he will not do that to me and that he’s gonna help me with the kids. I’m really greatful for that because God knows I need the help. It’s hard by yourself especially with this many kids and my mom doesn’t help what so ever. So we’re looking for a 5 bedroom, at least two baths, a garage and I want a fenced yard for the kids and dog and I also want a bigger kitchen. Doesn’t have to new but I want something that’s nice and I feel proud to show off.

Ive signed up all the younger boys for scouts. They don’t know it yet but they start in a few days. The lady I’ve been speaking to says she might be able to waver the cost of the third child so that would be great. To get them all enrolled would have cost me 600 dollars plus uniforms, so 200 off would be great.

Ok time for me to crawl out of bed and get a move on with my day. My brother wants me to get him some jogging pants and a pair of slippers and I need to get a curtain rod and a flower pot for my new ivy plant I bought. 

Thanks for listening. 



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