I feel like it’s time to disconnect from everything again. I need to be away from bad vibes/negativity. I already logged off my social media. I’m hardly texting and hardly writing on my journal. So I think it’s time to stop completely and concentrate on working on myself. 


Ive been stressing, depressed, and bitchy. My mood changes constantly and I get upset over little things. I wish there was a way to get rid of  feelings all together. Or switch lives with someone/something. My cat seems to have her life figured out! Lol. I wouldn’t mind switching with her. Just sleep, eat, and lounge around! XD her life seems like she has no worries! Must be great! lol. I hope I can climb over this mountain of emotions and conquer them all cause I hate being in this dark place. But disconnecting and remaining positive will help me. I’ll get through this…slowly but I will! (:

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