Lets talk about ?sex of course what’s the big deal?!

image       Dispite that Bella has been depresses and was angry at not to mention I let all trust for months. I have done all in my power to regain my good name and show Bella I love her alone and to a degree which I go to my therapy and I do all I can to treat he like my queen. The only issue is that we have had little to be sexual play or sensual awakenings. I love and need sex, due to my particular love map I have no issue talking about it or experimenting or even. Just giving any physical “favors” in fact, I am most disappointed I can’t even s revive her because she’s alway in a sad depressed or agitated state. I amp or actually starving for sexual interaction. I am (taking care of myself) and have not even a single day bough that I want to leave or cheat, I swear to (well myself and Well what’s the point of lying to yourself in an anonymous  journal  I have ant my sex life back! She says she too does too  but it seems that  I that Bella wants us to be intimate and frisky again to as  hard having that out of her life as it was  for me……. I only need to wait for her to come to me. I am having a lot of self esteem issues and private panic attacks I  she loves me but am I running after our relationships ghost of  I somethimes ask myself.,.,I have asked to have a discussion sev rap times yet I know she’s doing all Within her power to avoid situation where we are alone in in a place we could go “be the old and not interrupted” I’m on the edge  I am at my lifes latter period and I have always just believed that we will always stay together. I don’t want to loose that, it could be the first time nap blow to my ego that lets me stop fighting all together. I am scared.

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  1. Dear Friend, have you tried the non-threatening things like gentle hugs, kissing her hand, sweet-talking her? I am sorry for your dilemma. I hope it changes soon. Remember to compliment her a lot on pretty hair, beautiful eyes, etc. Court her. Best wishes!!

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