Technology… Helpful or a hindrance?

Somedays I love technology and others I hate it, with a passion. I think it’s great we can get on social media and connect with all sorts of like minded people all over the world, check the weather wherever we are, look up recipes or directions. Unfortunately I believe technology has crossed that line into being a hindrance. Wherever you look, people are looking at their phones. Walking down the road, taking your children to the park, in the grocery store, out on a date or in a restaurant having dinner with your family. How about you put away your fucking phone, yes, put it away and pay attention to the people around you. Be present. Be real. Shit down and play with your kids. It’s cool to take pictures of them on your phone, but sit down and and make actual memories. Play a game, read a book, strike up a conversation about something real instead of what you saw on social media that day. The world is turning into a shit storm right before our eyes and we don’t see it because our eyes are consumed by the screens around us.  

Put your phone away and enjoy real life. 

Enjoy your significant other’s company.

Pay attention to your children, even if they’ve repeated themselves several times, whatever they are saying is important to them at that moment. Pay attention to those small important things now, for one day, they’ll be gone.

Listen to your friends instead of sitting with your eyes on your phone. Put it away and have real, face to face conversation. Let them know what they are saying is important to you.

Live in the present.

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