Day 182 – New hair and nope

Saturday, August 27th 2016

Today was relaxing. Still woke up early, but that was half on my body’s own accord so, I did sleep in, in some way.

I got up early to get a haircut. My hair is now shorter and has layers that weren’t there anymore. It is definetely different, which is what I wanted cause I had the same hair for so long. Was unsure about it, but I have yet to see it curly and because I have naturally curly hair, that’ll determine it. For now I kinda like it.

Other than that, moderated a lot on the server and played Dead by Daylight, as well as watched Stranger Things.

*News music* This just in! Someone on the Pixelmon server that joined TeamNeptune (the town I co-own at this point) is causing complications! Yes, I know this is not new, but what is new, is that they were gonna be executive! What?! About to hire someone who might not be who they are?! Bystander! What a mistake!

Ugh. I’m about to give up on the town. At least I’m not the only one that was gonna hire him. He was going to be JrMod, but was fired quickly since he wasn’t quick on his feet. Now he claims his account is shared by his brother? Nu-uh, no way. You didn’t tell me this. You are no way having power.

That’s all for today.

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