Internal Struggle

I did good and I did bad. I really tried my hardest, but it wasn’t good enough. On the morn, I decided to have breakfast which is something I’d never in a million years do. I had 2 Blueberry Pancakes and a Sliced up Small Banana. I, also had a zero calorie green tea warmed up. Not too bad for someone who is recovering.

Then, comes lunch time. I wanted Vegetables and Rice. It doesn’t matter how you recover, as long as it’s healthy. Anyway, I was fighting with myself; Veggies & Rice vs Yogurt and a Banana vs Banana. I lost this battle and the banana won.

Finally, dinner comes. I pull out the idea of a Chicken Stir Fry and my brain has an immediate rejection to it. I try again with crushed up ritz crackers and New England Clam chowder, my brain says hell no. Not even sardines can appeal to my brain. My brain finally opted out on; A Blueberry Waffle, A Banana and A Cappuccino.

Needless to say, I fought a never ending battle and lost because I wounded up eating 660calories and the fact that I was even counting them makes it worse.

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