I’m a 17 year old guy living in a small island in the Caribbean. Being gay here isn’t very accepted. Im usually the type of person to not care what people think when I’m doing things but for reason I care alot about people knowing who I am. I want to be GAY AND PROUD! I watch these shows where guys my age are making out with guys or girls, having fun and being themselves. Whereas I have to live this lie, it not 100% a lie because I do believe I’m interested in girls but I’m never done anything with one to confirm those feelings. And all I’ve did with guys is hookup with them, yes I know and I’m not proud of it but guys here all they want is sex and all I want is sex at that time. I want a boyfriend my age, I want to have a teen love story and I want to be free. I want to get out this country and hopefully move away but to do that I’ll need to get my life in order financially and as soon as that is done, I plan to go without telling anyone. I’m going to start over my life from scratch, new home, new friends, new places, new me. My friends are great but I just cant be me around them even though I know they would accept me. I love them all and I do believe that my family would also accept me but I won’t accept me not around them atleast. I need to be somewhere new and be somebody new.



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  1. Hi C.C.J.,

    I’m not living in the Caribbean but I do have family from there so I understand the whole “do what you’re told”. I know you will find a way to be free and make your dreams come true. Don’t give up. 🙂

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