Psychic Attack : Hearing Voices and Physical Attacks





   I awoke this morning around 6 am to the usual feeling that “something”, some external presence was clinging to me, creating a strong vibration sensation.  These intrusive sensations are nothing new for me, in fact, I deal with them pretty much every night when I try and get to sleep and also every morning when I awaken.  However, these physical attacks by these malevolent entities have increased in intensity the past two mornings. That is exactly what it feels like, something latching on to me. I have asked “them” what it is they are doing and I often hear back  “energy transference”. Is this a true statement from them?  Are they really draining me of energy?  It’s hard for me to determine.  For one thing, regardless of if they are draining energy from me, these physical sensations that they cause me to feel are still damn annoying and do in fact prevent me from getting to sleep easily.  I still do, a year and a half after this spirit oppression began for me (as a result of my dabbling with EVP for two months in the winter of 2015) have to take a sleep aid most nights to get off to sleep quicker, otherwise these physical attacks often keep me awake half the night, sometimes I don’t get any sleep at all.

  My sleep routine often being wrecked regardless; I do often feel worn down so I hesitate to say that it is the result of some type of “energy transference” on their part. This statement could just be more of their psychological mind games, of which they always seem to be in the process of conceiving new ones.

What these physical attacks certainly are indeed is intelligently orchestrated and guided to cause me the maximum amount of annoyance.  Many times it’s like some horrible tickling sensation that seems intended to cause me the most discomfort when I’m trying to sleep in any given position.  What this forces me to do is to toss and turn (very aggravated) until my sleep aid finally takes effect and I’m out like a light.  There is a downside to these sleeps aids though. I notice that more often than not, for me they don’t wear off right away when I wake up in the morning.  Often I wake up feeling drowsy and tired, almost like I were experiencing a mild hangover.  I wish I didn’t have to take these sleep aids almost every night but I simply have no choice, they are that relentless with causing these physical sensations.

 There is no reasoning with these entities that oppress me. I’ve pleaded with them to just let me sleep in peace at least occasionally.  It does no good, they never quit it. There doesn’t seem to be anyone there to reason with.  They disregard anything I say to them as if it were beneath their consideration.  They seem almost mechanical in their malevolence.  Of course, one of the big questions that has always been on my mind is whether or not these entities that oppress me ever walked the Earth as humans.  This is not something that I’m prepared as of yet to throw my belief behind.  While they can sound human and act human in many ways, there’s just something off about them, about this malevolent type. They seem to be missing some human qualities or at least to have forgotten much about what it was like to be a human here on Earth.  They just seem to give no consideration to the fact that they invade my privacy and my personal space at all times….no regard or consideration what so ever.  And the fact that they talk constantly without let up is something I find to be very sinister and inhuman in itself. 

 Their true identity remains a mystery to me and I’ve learned by now that for the most part, I should just leave it at that.  Whatever I hear them say themselves regarding their identity I would never trust.  They’ve played this mind game with me from the very start.  One day they’ll say that they are human spirits, the next day they’ll say that they are not human spirits.  I’ve heard them say that they were “psychotic maniacs from the other side”, then that they were “beautiful spirits” but that I had pissed them off. Then of course they went through phases where they were identifying themselves as demons, archons and aliens.  I’ve heard them say that our reality is not real, that we are all living in a hologram….all sorts of stuff like that and their claims and stories would always keep changing.

Sometimes they are deceiving so much that they’ll tell me one particular thing is true and then just moments later they’ll say the complete opposite.  I timed these voices at just thirty seconds once from the time that they said something was true to the time that they said the complete opposite.

Perhaps every once and awhile they’ll throw a half truth or two out there, but it’s hard to recognize and they are most likely twisting any truths that they speak to serve their own ends.  It’s best, and I mean best to just disregard it all.  That’s how this malevolent element really get their hooks into you.  They keep coming up with storylines that they hope that you’ll buy into, that way they can keep you in a state of fear and confusion where they can easily manipulate you and their torments and abuses will have more effect.

 I’m not throwing a broad net of assumptions out there and saying all of these situations are the same. But I’ve seen enough accounts of people who began hearing these intrusive voices after engaging in some form of spirit communication to recognize some common tricks and ploys that this malevolent element uses.

  In my own situation, I first started to hear these malevolent spirit voices with just my ears (outside of my recordings) at the end of February, 2015 while I was still dabbling with EVP.  It began as an isolated incident one day at my work when I heard these tormenting voices coming in quite loud and clear over the noise of a running fan.  From that point the situation began to deteriorate rapidly.  I quit doing EVP recordings but it was already too late.  I had apparently opened up a clairaudience perception that I did not know how to control or shut down. 

The entire month of March was a time of increasing escalation.  These incidents of hearing these voices was increasing by the day. However, I was still not hearing them constantly at this point.  March was also the time when I first began to experience the physical attacks.  As I would try and sleep at night, I began to feel what literally felt like a finger coming up out of the mattress and poking me quite painfully in my lower back.

I often as well awoke in the middle of the night and heard what sounded like voices and some type of machinery running from the floor below mine.  In early April I was struck full force by these menacing voices and physical attacks. The voices now became constant and the physical attacks increased as well.

Without a doubt, I was completely blindsided by the situation. I was totally unprepared for what I was about to experience and the sheer terror and intensity of it all caused me to have what I can only describe as a complete nervous breakdown.  I could barely eat anything for the first few weeks and I could barely sleep as well.  I began taking over the counter sleeping pills, more than the recommended dose per night, but they seemed to have little or no effect at all.  I was forced to stay awake at night, unable to sleep, hearing these tormenting voices coming from all around me.  I felt small things literally trying to dig into the side of my body. I also remember feeling something small, roughly the size of a golf ball enter into my body and begin vibrating in a most disturbing manner as it moved all around inside of me, even traveling though my head. Words can little describe the disturbing nature of what this disturbing experience was like.

These malevolent entities almost immediately began to utilize a number of psychological mind games against me. Several times I was told that they were going to “execute me”. I would often hear something like “your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.” Sometimes they would literally take it down to the final minutes with something like “we’ll be taking your spirit out of your head in ten seconds.”

 One time I remember they even counted down from ten.  Another tactic that they usually employ is playing a game of “good cop / bad cop” meaning that out of the blue will appear these other types of voices that are not malevolent at all but are in fact seemingly benevolent and will act like they are on your side and that they are there to guide and to help you through this ordeal.

This is a real low down dirty trick to say the least. In my own situation, I was so full of fear and confusion, dread, and anxiety that I was desperate for any helping hand and I gave very close attention to what these seemingly benevolent voices were telling me.  In my own case, these malevolent voices were constantly telling me that I had to commit suicide or kill myself for this to end.

I also would hear the same message more or less from these benevolent voices only they would spin it a different way.  How I heard it from them was that I needed “free my spirit” and that if I “freed my spirit” my suffering would be over and that I would be in a better place. 

But where the malevolent voices just flat out said “kill yourself”, the benevolent voices said that I needed to “free my spirit.” One group made it sound dreadful, one group made it sound more appealing, but they were both talking about the same thing and after the same end.

Eventually when I started to become suspicious of these more benevolent voices, they just suddenly vanished and I never heard from them again.  I certainly realize that when faced with an overwhelming crisis like this, originating from unknown assailants, we’d all like to have help from above. I’m merely saying, be very discerning and on guard. Know that these malevolent spirits will stoop very low to pull the wool over your eyes and get you to fall for their deceptions.

Another twisted tactic that these malevolent spirits use is to give you some unattainable goal for you to reach in order for them to leave you alone.  In my situation, I was told that they would leave me alone if I stopped thinking about spirits completely.

So in essence, the situation was that I was being haunted and abused by unseen malevolent spirits literally every waking moment at this point, non-stop, but it would all end if I somehow managed to not think about spirits.  Needless to say, I was not successful with this. These malevolent entities may tell you that they’ll leave you alone for a specific occasion like a birthday or a holiday, but unfortunately this is most likely just more deception.

I was promised once as well that they would leave me alone for a night so that I could finally get some peaceful rest but yeap, apparently I blew it when I thought about spirits again. These malevolent entities like to play cruel and twisted games. They absolutely have a sinister trickster quality about them.


8/28/2016, 2:30 pm

 I just tried to take a nap this afternoon. It’s my only day off during the week this time of year, but to no surprise, I was unsuccessful with this. Right away they started up with the physical sensations. I could feel my lower legs vibrating. Then, I started to feel slight pokes and jabs coming up out of the mattress, poking me in my lower back.  I tried to turn over on my stomach but then I started to feel a disturbing tickling sensation at my mid-section. At about this time I also felt something small moving along my back as well as on my feet.

I turned on my dryer to use the fluctuating sound to try and “jam” the voices so that I wouldn’t hear them as loudly coming in over the steady noise of my air conditioner. It worked to a degree but to my unfortunate surprise, I began to hear the all too familiar voice of the one I call “#1on my shit list.” Speaking to me through my pillow.

“#1 on my shit list” is a malicious voice that sounds like a young woman in her late teens or early twenties. I’ve been hearing her voice ever since the winter of 2015, even back during when I dabbling with EVP and even back then she had a really bad attitude when I heard her voice on my recordings. She’s by far been the most tormenting voice I’ve heard though out this whole ordeal and I would say that I’ve heard her voice for the longest amount of time.

I compare her to a Nazi Boot Camp Drill Instructor. She’s been my arch-enemy during all of this and even though she’s called herself by a few different names over the course of the past year and a half, I’ve always just referred to her as “#1 on my shit list.”











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