Readers Anonymous

Many will say I’m only doing this for attention, but sharing my struggles after hiding them for so long shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing. It’s not made up, it’s what shaped me into the person I am today. I should be congratulated for saying all of these things, no matter how horrific nor ecstatic. Most people, they don’t share their story because they don’t look like the societal norms that society has placed upon a word. Well, I don’t either. I’m just apart of the side that has been emotionally abused and keeps getting emotionally abused because of it. A lot of people will say; log out if it bothers you so much. You can’t log out of life without being turned into a joke. Suicide, no matter how serious, people can’t relate to another ones pain without making a joke or even sympathizing that to them what they were going through is horrific. Why do we make fun of pain and its consequences when it’s detrimental to our very being? Why don’t we take it seriously anymore? Is it being overused or are people just overly sensitive towards it? Regardless of the reason why, I just want to share my story and how it’s still going on.

Confessions of Someone who can’t quite Recover.

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