The Journey For A New Identity

For the past few years, i have struggled with knowing who i am and  who i want to be  but the one thing that discouraged me the most was my personality.

Being a victim of bullying, i needed a new environment so i was moved to another school. In the fear of being bullied again, i had to become a tough girl or you could say “the don’t mess with me” b*tch. The kind of girl who was unafraid; the kind of girl who spoke with authority and the kind of girl who did as she pleased. The personality of alter ego caught up with me and became ME. Despite the fact that i’ve still got a little bit of my old self -whom very few seem to know- I can’t deny that I’ve become the type of girl I’ve always despised.

Hate or revenge may at one time put your enemies down but it’s not that the right way to go around the issue. To love those who hurt is a challenge that i am whole heartedly up for though it may be tough. I get despondent when i realise that people have become afraid of me even those closest to me. Having to threaten & humiliate others for what they have done to me ( wouldn’t like it vice versa). Having to realise that i can’t make new friends beacuse i come across as a “mean” person makes it all the more reason to make a change in my life. This may seem shady & desperate to most people – I honestly don’t mind – but everyone has to let out something in order to heal and feel better.

It’s about time everybody got to know the real me. The journey for my new identity starts NOW!!

One thought on “The Journey For A New Identity”

  1. Hi! I was just randomly reading journals and wanted to comment.

    I’ve changed my identity SO many times. We have to, you know? If we stayed the exact same person whatever problems we have would never be resolved and whatever things that were going well would be the end of it. We’d plateau.

    Sometimes, you just need to put on your bitch face. Now that you’ve had practice being a Mean Girl maybe you can transition into being a Nice but Confident Girl? You shouldn’t let anyone bully you so if you had to wear that bitch face for awhile so people stopped messing with you than that’s what you had to do!

    How are things going at this new school?

    What type of person do you want to be now?

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