Wish I was dead

You hit me when you’re feeling angry or when I’m a disappointment to you.Depending on how you feel you slap me or punch me in the face or wherever seems to please you in my head Im in a war with the thoughts in my mind trying to keep them in.Trying to keep myself from saying what I really want to say but I know deep inside its only going to make it worse Its only going to make you want to beat me harder because like you once said I’m a disappointment and I guess that’s all I’ll ever be to you.You tell me you love me but do you you hurt the ones you love.Do you make the person you love feel worthless like they mean nothing.Do you fucking sit there and watch them fucking beg and plead for you not to hit them or to hurt them.Do you fucking watch them cry and huddle up in a fucking corner and wish upon the self death Itself because of you I’m hurting.You’re the problem to all my hurt and self doubt .Do I mean anything to you because right about now the pain upon my face says otherwise.
Love your worthless daughter

2 thoughts on “Wish I was dead”

  1. Dear Jordan…..is the photo of you? It is devastating. I am horrified to think you have a parent who would do this to you. I hardly have any words. Your picture says it all. Jordan, can you go to someone you trust at school or work and tell them your situation? You need to get away from the one who is harming you. NO, love does NOT hurt like that. The Bible says “Love is patient and kind, it is not arrogant or rude.”
    1 Corinthians 13. Hitting is the worst form of rudeness and arrogance. Honey, you deserve so much better~! Don’t believe you are not worthwhile, because you ARE. You are a beautiful, broken child of God. His love will heal you over time. Meanwhile, get out of the situation, please, please, please.

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