Write Book 2016

This morning, I feel wonderful about myself.  I am thinking of keep writing my journal and that someday I can be a book publisher for what I write.  I love writing.  I should keep in good hobby of writing journal, and find some place that accept me as a writer.  That is my goal.

  1.  I will focus on write about each person is God’s image.  I definitely write about Christ and Mother Virgin Mary guidance and protection for me in my journey in life.
  2. I will write about personal development of myself, my family members as individual as well as group.  I want to write about the path of each person as well as the path of where each person is going in life.  THE PATH
  3. My concern for years about Catholic, Christianity, and scientists/physicists and their finding in God’s creation.  Why our differences is a confusing in leading the world of humanity?  In order for me to better understand my confusion, I want to read books about Popes leadership for Roman Catholic church in Christ and Mother Fatima.  I want to read about political leadership and their path.  I already know about physicists and their struggle in the fields of their finding. 



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