Day 183 – Frustration

Sunday, August 28th 2016

Today was frustrating, but still relaxing for the most part.

The day started out good; woke up, got pancakes with chocolate chips, but then when I was getting ready for church my hair was just not working for me. After a while I was frustrated and afraid of judgement from others when I know they won’t actually judge me. My mom had to give me a sort of comfort speech while I stared at the wall cause it’s so awkward. I don’t like being comforted, even though that’s what I know I need. Finally I ended up not going (which I now feel bad for cause my previous Youth leader was visiting and I could have seen her) and instead made a Bible study in Matthew, about a part that says to not worry. Even though I could have seen my Youth leader, it did show me I don’t have to worry about what I wear so much or what could happen the next day. Takes negativity off my shoulders.

Other than that, this person on the server was caught cheating. They kept arguing and being disrespectful. They didn’t apoligize when asked to. They did eventually, but my trust is out the window and I won’t hesitate to punish him if he does anything else.

I helped out with a few things on the Beta server and moderated during events on the other, as well as hosted one.

That’s all for today.

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