Don’t know what to do

Today was all over the place. I was up and down big time. all i wanted to do was go home get into bed and cry, which is what i did when i finished work. how have i got to this point. Im not this kind of person I’m usually a happy positive person i hate what i have become. I wanted to die today, i actually wanted to die. I kept thinking that my friends and families lives would genuinely be better without me. how horrible is that to think that way about yourself. 

I feel like i have two personalities now,my normal self which i actually quite love. she regular me is great, she’s always up for adventure new things and smiles a lot and feels things so deeply and passionately. then there is the other new me who i despise as does my family and friends. especially my sister she said she hates what i have become. I need to find a way to get back to myself and push this depressed person out of my mind. How to do this is the big question though…

One thought on “Don’t know what to do”

  1. I know I am not in your position but I think you must pray and ask for His guidance. He will listen to you no matter what the situation is. If you really need a friend , just message me and I will try to help you in a simple way (i’m sorry for my english)

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