Family Laws & Regulations

Ok , lemme start about my family. I have both my parents , and 2 younger sisters. My parents are really really really strict. They don’t allow us to use any social apps , no hangouts , no wearing short dresses/pants or tight clothes , no handphones till finish our spm and now im 19 , yet still my parents don’t allow me to use phones at midnights (stricted till 9am) , no boyfriends for sure and worst part we can’t even do anything as we wish , everything as to ASK THEIR PERMISSIONS 😒. You know it’s really hard to live in such a shit conditions like this. Come on lah , we are still teenagers , ofc we need a bit freedoms right , not just sit at home the whole day , doing nothing. And now im studying in a college for diploma in Accountacy. Another 1 more year to go , and im done with diploma. With this kind of parents and lfestyle , there’s this guy who love me with all his heart and had never gave up on me , eventhough there’s lots of reasons for him to leave me. Our love starts when….(Continued)

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