(#GJ01) Confidence is Key

I happened to come across SKII’s channel while wasting time I should have spent studying on Youtube. I must say that this has been my biggest takeaway: that one must have confidence.

Usually I think I’m pretty cynical of anything that comes as an advertisement or even with a sponsor tag, so I think for the first advertisement I saw, titled Dream Again, to capture my attention, it was really wow. The short video is of women being interviewed about their dreams, where they were unaware that the questions that they were being asked were actually posed by children. I think it struck me that much because it was a reminder to dare to dream. I could really relate to the subtitled text saying something like, “Have we forgotten how to dream?” The tone conveyed through the words of children was a breath of fresh air I think. Even if it was for a campaign, even if it was a marketing strategy, I still think it was a really sweet and moving video. Like, wow, what childhood innocence can do. It really brought out the importance of seeing things from different perspectives, and not always beating yourself up over hopes that you think might never happen. But how would you know if you never try?

So that’s how I began watching some of the other videos on the channel and kinda (I don’t want to actually admit that I) fell in love with the storytelling (which was so definitely a marketing ploy, no less). Actually, I still don’t get how they’re linked to SKII or cosmetics, maybe just the campaign tagline? #changedestiny In my opinion that’s a bit cliche, but the ideas that each clip puts across is worth the watch. They might be a tad dramatic, but ahwell I like melodrama and feeling the emotional ride of short films. They were nice to watch. They could elicit emotions. I think that’s good (even if I’m too emotional).

In all, they served as a timely reminder to aim high and have hope. Dream big.

Anyway that’s one discovery I’m grateful for today. That’s all for the start of my gratitude journal. Just realised that the acronym is the same as for GoodNight Journal haha! (#GJ01)

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