I Wasn’t Interested or Attracted to him

These past few weeks have been the happiest but saddest times. Let’s say it’s one of those stories where it happened out of nowhere. We me through mutual friends and at first glance I  just wasn’t interested or attracted to him. I was actually into his friend. We all go out for a night of fun and I start getting with the guy I’ve been wanting to. Im on cloud 9! However, we all go hang out at some house after the club and he started talking to some other girl. Am I not good enough? I try to not let it get to me and start talking to his friend. He’s cool but still I wasn’t interested or attracted to him. As we leave he goes for a kiss. We pop kissed and I immediately pushed him away. No, I want his friend but he spent the whole night looking for another kiss. I straight up told him “No I’m trying to get with Lucas!” He finally gives up and I end the night with the right guy. As days passed by Lucas didn’t pay much attention to me but his friend did. He would message me on the daily and invite me to places. I STILL wasn’t interested or attracted to him. Then he wanted to study together. Okay, I can study with him. We studied a couple days and after awhile he wanted to have a wine night. I wasn’t too sure but I saw him as a friend so I agreed. When the wine night came that’s where things changed. We talked for 7 hours straight; about our childhood, our family, our goals in life, what we love, our heartbreaks and so much more. It was the perfect conversation. We spent the night laughing and learning so much about each other. And just like that I became interested AND attracted to him. Who knew one night could change everything? When it finally hit 4 in the morning and we were drunk, he made the first move. We started kissing. I’ll always remember kissing those soft lips for the first time. Then, it started getting intense as he was trying to take my clothes off. I stopped him and told him, “No. We can’t. You have a girlfriend!” Yes, that’s right he has a girlfriend. Did that stop him? No. And that’s where our fucked up story began. 

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