Its been rough.

You only get one chance at life.. & regardless of your childhood or the path laid before you, you are your own keeper. 
I’ve went from scared little girl to abandoned adolescent to drug addicted teen mom to recovered wife & mother of 5. 
Its not easy. Nor is it for the weak. 
My grandfather says, “times were simple in my day.” But in all reality, life is NO WHERE NEAR SIMPLE. 
I’m a walking example of struggles & heart ache. 
After years of pain & emotion scarring due to an alcoholic mother & a father in & out of prison, my husband walked into my life & once again… Gave me hope. He restored my faith & showed me that my life didn’t have to be over. 
At 19 years old, i faced 12 years in a state prison.. With little to no support from my Joke of a family, this Man took my hand and pulled me back into reality.
Here it is, Almost 3 years later & i haven’t looked back. i guess my point to this, is every chapter of The Book of Life is written in your own blood, Locked in your soul & guided by your heart. Its up to you what to do with it. To anyone reading this , Live without regrets & NEVER lose hope in yourself. 

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