LOVE.. LUST, same thing?

LOVE, what is it? How should it make you feel? and how do you know if you are in love?. 

There is so many different types of love, there is the love between mother and daughter, the love between siblings, Loving your family is important and it’s something I do know, I would do anything for my family! I’m quite protective and feel the need to look after them, a primal instinct if I was to describe it in one word. But with a partner how do you know if it’s right if that you were destined to be together? Family are there from the beginning standing by your side but a partner you have to let them in, learn to trust.

LUST, is there a fine line between love and lust or do you think there is always a little lust in with love?? I know a lot of women that look for Lust,Passion,Fire what ever you want to call it, but there is the word again love they love the partners but sometimes it lacks Lust, but they know that their partners are their world. So what is it? do women secretly want a life full of heat and passion, lust and also love? Is there any such thing? Can you get them together?

I’m going do a little research and share my findings, or maybe someone reading this has found both together. 


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