Monday again.

Monday again. I made it to work 20 minutes late. I got home just in time to prepare a cup of coffee for my 13 year old son, who, was up and ready on his own. I had all of 7 minutes with him this morning. 

This is going to stop. I am missing out on great morning adventures with an awesome teen. And the truth be told, I need him to help me be responsible. We both have laundry in and on the dryer from mid-last week. So much being left undone to spend time with my sweet boyfriend. 

Stay focused today. Stay the course. Shopping and laundry today with MooMoo, maybe a steak at Longhorn’s Steakhouse, our favorite. Stay the course. No alcohol, no chemicals of any kind. 

Come back to me, girl. 

I just read this little tidbit from a Soberista email…

Guilt is productive. Guilt pushes us to change our behaviour, but shame locks us into a cycle of self-loathing, which leads to more of the negative behaviour creating the shame.” Words of wisdom from Esther Nagle, in The Damaging Power Of Shame. 


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