Saturday with Katja and Patrick

Started a day with Katja and Patrick. They came here last night and will stay till Monday morning. We had to wake up before 10 AM to move their car. Grabbed a cup of coffee on the way back to my apartment then we started a day from there.

We left my apartment around 12 PM to Griffith park. Walked around little bit to see the view and took couple pics for them. I want to make it to Hollywood sign from there but we ran out of the time. Instead we drove to City of industry to meet Katja’s friend. Stayed there at the get together things for Peruvians. It was very cool to try 3 different Peru food(Pollada, Cou Cou and the desert thing) and drink with culture. Always nice to see and learn the new culture!

We drove back to home and had couple drinks at the roof top of my building till Jeff and Jolie came to pick us up. Drove to K-town for Nika’s birthday. We started at the Korean Bar then Korean bbq place down the street. Drank little too much maybe? lol but had a great time. Katja and Patrick like my awesome colleagues and the food at Korean restaurant. So thankful to have all those wonderful people around me. The restaurant we went for Nika’s birthday dinner was also amazing. Definitely became my favorite restaurant in LA. We went to Churro ice cream sandwich place after and it was good too.

Ended up at my rooftop again for one more beer. then went sleep around 1 AM. Great day!

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