Sunday at the beach

It’s weird that I did had a good sleep more than 8 hours last night but I felt sleepy for more than half of the day today. Ended up felling a sleep for almost 2 hours after we got back from beach lol.

As I said, we started a day around 10 AM. My roommate finally came back to home and met my friends Katja and Patrick in the morning. They needed to do laundry so we spent the morning at the pool in my apartment building. Just chilling for hours. We were going to go hiking to Hollywood sign today but instead we drove to Malibu. Got to the cafe by the beach that I like to go once in awhile and spent rest of afternoon there. Went into the water and played little bit, walk around beach and being relaxed under the sun. Also, had a bottle of beer! So nice to be able to do this when I want. I guess that’s the benefit of living in Los Angeles. Drove back to home around 4:30 PM and it took about and hour to get back. I fell asleep while they were getting ready for the concert in Englewood. I woke up around 7:30 and walked out to have a dinner myself. Back home, took a shower and writing journals for this weekend. 9:43 PM now and feel so nice to be not doing anything. Just gotta wait for them to come and go to sleep. Fun weekend!

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