Biggest Mistake

Everything went on fluently for few months. We met each other for the first time , not face to face but far from each other. I always will go tuition and come back home by walking with my mom. He will come by bike with his friends and keep following us till we reach our house and thats how he fell in love with me more and more so does I , haha i know it’s sounds funny but that was the only chance we had. We sometimes meet at temple , but we had never hugged each other or gave kisses , everything was just meeting from far away. And one day , thiaga came from perak , his hometown and just cause i had loved him truly before visagan , it made me to jump back to thiaga. That was really the biggest mistake i had ever done. Yeah , i cheated visagan that i didn’t love him and so i couple back with thiaga. Thiaga is not educated at all , even he don’t know to write in bm or english. But , stupid me still fall for him. Visagan was really upset and he was really damn sad , but me? all i wanted was thiaga , that PLAYBOY (i hate him till now). After that , i stopped talking to visagan and loved thiaga but thiaga’s character was still the same. One of his friend told me that he already have a girlfriend at Perak and they are loving for soo many years but i didn’t believe. I asked about that girl to thiaga , he told don’t listen to anyone , i just love you. He cheated me by telling he don’t have money etc and will always ask money from me. I wonder why i was soo dumb till i can’t even realize that he is cheating me. When i was loving thiaga , i got the chance to meet him , hugged him and even had my first kiss him also but for sure it’s NOT true TRUE LOVE KISS 😒 . He used me just for money and that money is the one he sended to her girlfriend in Perak. Thiaga was also one of visagan’s brother ,shankeran’s friend. So , shanker anne hated me cause i cheated his brother , even he told bad things about me to others but i wasn’t angry on him , cause it was my fault. Just after all these things , my brain got me a clear picture of my situation and i made up my mind to breakup with thiaga. It was on my birthday and on that day i thought to myself that if thiaga not picking up the phone , that’s it i won’t ever love him or go back to him. On my birthday , i called him but he really didn’t answer my calls. And so IM DONE with THIAGA !!! His story ended there. I stopped calling him , i stopped loving him , i stopped meeting him  and he too , didn’t find for me at all ☺

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