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This is bullshit what my dad is doing to my mother. Yea he gets stress so do I but I know for sure that its not my mother nagging us both to be in the congregation. We all know that he’s cheating on her doing god knows what (even though I don’t believe he’s real)I don’t know what else to say at this point. I just want to continue writing my fictional comic book. I just turned way off track from my first sentence but the article just said start writing. To go even further off topic, I wonder if I should start watching Mr. Robot its seems like a great show but I kinda want to get away from the tech based fictional universe. Even though all I read is that shit. Can’t get enough of it, I guess.


My mother is not happy with the way things are currently, my dad a hypocritical piece of shit. Who taught me to live by gods way and hes been doing this shit for too long. hosnestly i dont care if they get a divorce. I’m too old to cry about it. i should probably go see a therapist. but i don’t think insurance covers it. And like my dad cares about my mom at this point even though he says he loves her but than hours later he’ll resent her. i dont know ive lost my train of thought just thinking about nothing… is this what writers block is even though i’m just rambling from the heart? I’m going to try so see the school counselor again but a lot of good that did last time. My sister my be more religious than me but she still stubborn enough to not forgive him. I still don’t. I’ll try this again tomorrow.

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