(#GJ02) Teachers’ Day ramblings

Teachers’ Day is round the corner but sigh I don’t have any plans. Mr S has been so nice to us lately, which has been a great achievement from last year when the relationship between the class and him was so strained. I mean, the classroom atmosphere is still pretty much silent now, but at least the silence isn’t as harsh and cold, in my opinion. I think the process of how we became more comfortable with each other exemplifies the way human relationships are. Relationships don’t necessarily start nice and happy and smooth all the time. It takes time (and effort) to build a relationship. I’m really really glad that he chose to take our class again this year, despite such a rough start. This is literally how something grows onto you~

Another teacher on the “nice teachers” list would be Ms Z. We learnt a technique for writing better compos today and it was quite useful to have a refresher for something that we’ve been doing since forever — narrative essays. It wasn’t stuff we didn’t actually know, but rather, structuring all of that into a nice format that can be easily digested. This method of trying to make everything more relatable is prominent in whatever Ms Z teaches. I like that she constantly tries to make us understand whatever issues or concepts so that lessons aren’t so dry and tedious, but rather stimulate or brains to think and form connections.

Next, I really applaud Mr O for always trying his best to make lessons fun and engaging. That is such a cliche thing, but really, sometimes (many times) I feel sorry for him because he has to constantly be the bubble of energy and a classroom full of undead zombies. At times I can really see him pushing himself, and while this is pretty cringey, it shows how much he cares and has the desire for us to learn in class, hence he attempts to capture our attentions so that we don’t zone out.

Well that’s the end of the short list for now. I’m way too tired. Sorry teachers, for always having to deal with the half asleep/ half awake us. 真是感谢你们对我们不断的支持!尽管我们对你们不理不睬,或在课堂上一直吵吵闹闹,惹你们生气,你们都总是对我们很有信心,决不放弃我们。我们爱你(可是你们也应该懂了吧)XD

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