Goodbyes are very difficult. I have had to say goodbye to my mother as she got herself into drugs once again, this time it is taking her life, I have zero clue if she’s dead or alive at the moment. I also had to say goodbye to a relationship. All in little over a mother got into drugs, started getting better, and in between that I became pregnant. I was more than excited to tell her because her and I were very close, so I thought that me being pregnant would save her…it didn’t. I got to tell her then mother’s day came around and I went to surprise her to see her, and she wasn’t all there…that was the moment I realized I wasn’t going to have my mother through my pregnancy or help me through motherhood…a year after that, after I had my son I became a single mother due to all the stress of losing myself as I lost my mother..the only thing I have been proud of doing is becoming an amazing mother to my son. I have been doing the single mom life for 2 weeks or so now, and I have never felt this good about myself in a long time. Things may be tough right now due to not having a job, or anything, but I do have a roof over my head, some family, and friends all around me, but best thing that I have is my son. I will NEVER give up on him like my mother has given up on her children. I will forever work hard, and fight for my little man. Goodbyes may seem tough, but in the end you find yourself again. You find happiness again..I am trying and slowly succeeding..

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