Hurts Again

Few days later i heard that he met with an accident but my bad i could even go and visit him at hospital. I messaged him and asked aboit his health and he asked sorry for everything he did to me and i asked sorry too. We started to talk back as usual and on 30/10/14 , exactly on this day we both couple back again. Those days was so awesome. Lots of sweet talks , pinky promises , life was so fantastic but just for some times. His bff(girl) , Narmatha(first bitch i hate the most) told something about me to him , makes him to lose trust in me. But i doesn’t knew that. His dad passed away , yeah he was 17. His dad passed away on 22/04/15 , we were still couple that time. I was in love with him but he couple with a girl , vennetha (my primary school friend) on march. I got to knew this when i saw her profile. I was really damn fucking angry , he cheated me again , man. I called visagan asked why he did this again , he asked me back , ” why did you believe me again” , nobody knows how i felt that time. Just can’t explain my sadness and anger on him. I made up my mind to move on and not loving him again , so does I. I really2 got fedup with his character and that girl. I moved on without worrying about him anymore. People came and tell me that visagan isn’t happy with her , but who cares. He chooses her instead of me and why should i care? I forget everything about him and find for a true love.

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