It was a fine day, ….

It was somewhere in june , after my 15th birthday , my love starts , yeah i was doing my PMR that time. I had a facebook account , ofc without my parents permission( username forgotten). Everyday after school i will online and chat with my friends and that’s the moment i saw his profile , and and i don’t know why i felt he was soo cute with his hair punked and i just mesmerized , this is what we call destiny maybe 😂 , but i wasn’t sure about his age , as i started to chat with him , he said he is 14. Too sad , he was one year younger than me , but who cares , age is just a number right. And so we started to chatting everyday , and i do told him about my parents , my family. We didn’t even met each other yet , but i proposed him. He was like ‘ok , i will think first’ but i know he’s loving me too and so he does. We kept chatting in fb , no calls or msgs. And after like 5 or 6 days , i told to 1 of my friend that i’m loving this guy named visagan but he’s one year younger than me , she was like what , that guy? Fortunately , she knows visagan when she was 14 , they both were studying in same taman kosas school and he is one of the gangster’s brother. I was really really shocked and i don’t know what to do. She also told me that he’s studying form 1 now cause of peralihan. That nigt itself i asked for breakup  , he begged to me and even cry but i talked too rude to him and i blocked him. Our love stops here !!

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