Its officially been a week since he has become my boyfriend and its definitely new territory. 
Its strange calling someone everyday and having to come up with new conversations but he makes it surprisingly easy, granted he does most of the talking. There are red flags already coming up though, once i notified Facebook the inboxes came flooding in. All the curious questions like who is he, how did you meet, really long distance, when is he coming? It made it all bit too real, too soon. 
Overthinking mode has been activated and the warranty doesn’t expire. My older brother had a talk with me, he was just as surprised as me to find out i was actually in a long distance relationship, he of course asked the big questions, if this relationship was to become something more what would happen? Not to mention I’m still a virgin which brings its own problems. I’m trying not to overthink this but having the questions constantly asked and not having any answers bothers me, because thinking about it i don’t think i would move or want to in that case. Sure id love to travel around the world but to move away from my family, the house I’ve lived for 21 years of my life. Plus i know he is a man and he has needs but I’m not ready to let him deflower me just yet. its what makes me special.


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