Not The End Yet …

My days was going like normal , chatting in fb , studies and etc. 2 years passed , i was in form 4 that time. I suddenly have a thought of him ,and i started to find for his profile again but i couldn’t find. That time i used a small handphone , haha again without my parents permission , just to contact with my fiends. During these days i loved a guy , who was my first love but he was a playboy , i loved him truly but he played me at last. Eevryone keeps telling me that he’s not the good one , but love is blind and i trusted him. I had visagan’s thought when i and my first bf fighting , then i remembered that i had blocked him ast time. And so i unblocked him again and sent a small msg ” Hye visagan , still remember me? This is my num , pls call me , i’ll b waiting for your call”. I was soo happy that i found him at last and hope i can meet him this time. The next day , after reached home , about 3 something i got a call from an unknown number. I really forget that i gaved my number to him. He called me from a public phone and told hye , yaareneh teriyetha ?i was like hurmm no who’s this , he said ” you told you will be waiting for my call” and the line gone suddenly. Then i remembered it’s HIM ❤ . He called me again talked to me as usual and so i told i’m loving a guy named thiaga and everything. He told me he knows thiaga as we are all staying in one area , Ampang. Even he told me that thiaga is not a good guy but i didn’t trust him. Time flies as we will always chat , almost everyday and he will call me everyday. And this thiaga , he was not like loving me , fights always. One day visagan went out with his family , to a restoran and we were actually texting that time. He asked me ” what you will do , if any of my friends call you baby , sayang all” and so i tld him , “i won’t do anything cause they are just your friends and they will just calling me for playfull , and i won’t take it serious” , he said ” i will punch their face if they call you like that” i asked why and he lied that cause im his friend and he likes me soo much. And after few minutes , he told the real truth ” I will get angry because i love you malini , i really like you and love you alot since last time , i find for you and so i heard you were couple with other guy , but now you itself find me and came to me”. Yeah those words i will never forget , but i can’t love him cause of thiaga. Few days later i breakup with thiaga and yeah couple back with visagan. Our days went soo fine as he’s the one for me , he cared me and loved me more than everything….

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