Since that day until now we are together and it’s been 1 year. Soo much of problems , fights , arguments , breakups and we thank god for this keeping us together. Yeah , ofc i had met him , dated with him , hugged him and my real true love kiss , got it from him also. Two guys came into my life but just visagan meant everything to me. Since 15 till 19 years old , altogether 4 years we knew each other and our love kept growing inside us. I got caught in my house cause of loving visagan. My parents hate him cause im studying for accounting but he’s not that educated even don’t have a proper job till now. Im still loving him cause of his good heart , caring and loving attitude. He bet me once to change him and im changing him slowly. He doesn’t remember his bet but i always do 😄 He’s not living at ampang anymore , staying for abit yet our love still strong as the first time we fell in love. He’s 18 now and im 19 , one more year to go for me to finsh my diploma and he also gonna own a bike on his own and start work for our future 💕 We promised each other , no more breakups , cheatings and lies between us. Living a happy life now.

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