Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

2:15 PM

This is my first entry as a married woman! Wedding planning completely consumed the last 18 months of my life so instead of writing personal entries, I was creating threads about ceremonial music and commenting on posts about which dress looks the best. Being a bride was fun. Very fun. However, I’m ready to move on. I’ve never been one to get stuck in the past even if the time there was happy. I kind of pity the women who’ve been married for 5+ years and still frequent the wedding related sites. Get a life, yes? It makes me think nothing else exciting happened to them since they got married.

I write this entry from work. I’ve been figuring out ways to finish early so I can take the last 45 minutes of my shift to update this. Or to study. As soon as I’m ready, I’ll be “going” back to school! Technically, it’s an online program, but I’m excited to study nonetheless. I’ll be taking a Food Service Worker program. I currently work in Food Service and like it enough. The pay, however, is utter shit. As soon as I complete this program I’ll be eligible to work in higher paying environments. (Almost twice my current wage.) I stumbled upon this career path over a year ago when I was working on the floor of a private nursing home as a PSW. I had a tense relationship with the kitchen staff, simply because all she did was sit on her fat ass and read the newspaper while I transferred, bathed, groomed and dressed residents. When I discovered she made more than me I knew it was time for a change. Work smarter, not harder, yes? Also, I don’t want to work shift work anymore. Or full-time for that matter. Food Service offers me a part-time Monday-Friday schedule that is too good to pass up. (I may have to work some evenings if I get a higher paying position down the road, but the pay is worth it and it’s still part-time hours.) I want to be that wife that has the time to make dinner, put on some makeup and drink a glass of vino before her husband gets home. 

3 thoughts on “PILOT”

  1. @ImperfectM
    Thank you! I’m loving this place so far, although there are way too many ads and depressing posts for my complete liking, but I guess most people start writing when they need a place to go or something to do.
    I’ll check you out, :).

  2. Well, I stumbled upon your blog, and you got my attention. I actually want exactly the same thing!!
    You are officially Favorited 🙂
    Ps: Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone!

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