Four months went on , i was still single. Everytime my mind was keep thinking about visagan. I cried alot for not loving him when i had his love. Karma says ‘ you will end up loving someone who doesn’t love you , when you didn’t love someone who loved you’. That’s how i was that day. I tried to talk to him but my guilty feeling doesn’t allow it. I don’t wish to lose him forever and i knew i already lose someone who loved me unconditionly. Then one day , there was a festival in the temple near our house. I went with my family and happiest part was visagan came also. I was really damn happy that i got to saw him after a long gap. My love doesn’t fade at all. Once he saw me , he showed me to his friends , his face doesn’t shows any sadness , and i knew he is happy with his life. He was standing behind me the whole day till i go back , i know he still have love on me but he doesn’t shows that. After few days , I gain all my strength to talk to visagan again. I messaged him and ask sorry for cheating him , i told im loving him. He wasn’t shocked at all , he told he won’t love cause i leaved him eventhough he begged to me for soo many times. I kept begged to him to accept me again and i promised that i won’t cheat him anymore but he didn’t believe me. At last he told okay i love you and i though he was really loving me. After a week i got to know that he’s loving mishaa. I was damn broken. I asked him why you cheat me and he told revenging me cause i cheated him last time. And i can’t do anything , i try my best to hold up all my tears and ignore him as much as i can. Everytime i’ll see he puts status for that girl , it really hurts me alot. Just 1 or 2 months , they broke up and ofc i pity visagan cause that girl cheated him. Then i asked for couple again to him and he accept but did the same thing again , loved another girl , mathumitha. That moment was the worst day in my life. I got cheated by thiaga , then got cheated 2 times by visagan. I could not stay strong anymore , i was getting weak day by day. God sended me a girl , visagan’s classmate , menashrri. I told her all my stories A-Z and she promised me to help me in this. Everyday she will come and tell me what visagan will do at school , his friends etc. My days passed by just hearing his stories and he was happy with his life.

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