Something is wrong? and German restaurant lol

I had a little busy morning today for saying goodbye to Katja and Patrick. It was so nice to see them here in LA. Hopefully they come visit soon again. Got work little late today cause of that but still around 10 AM. Been very busy with Ajax stuff. I got this working on our dev site and make the entire section work more smoothly with better animation and UI. It looks pretty good so far. It still has a lot to work on tho.

I felt weird all day at work and after work before I had late dinner at Wirtshaus. I got this upper stomach pain all day and it was worst than before. It really bothered me all day and I ended up not really eating much at the office. It really felt like something is wrong in my body. Maybe I have to go see a doctor again if it does not get better within couple days.

Back home around 7 PM and took a shower then took a rest till 8 PM till Kristi came to pick me up. We went to this German place that I have been wanting to try for a while. First time trying Schnitzel in my life and I really enjoyed it. I ended up eating too much but it was worth it! Very similar to Korean or Japanese katsu. Well, actually almost same but still taste so good. We had a quick dinner there and got back to home. 10:15 PM now and waiting laundry to be finish so I can go to sleep. Hopefully the food goes down by that time too lol Goodnight all!

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