Writing entries after a long while

I have stopped writing entries for quite some time now. I really thought they were such a time consuming thing to do. But well, I seemed to have come back to it. I kinda miss writing my thoughts out. It kinda comforts my loneliness.

It has been months ever since I wrote my last entry. I have been through a lot from semester to semester, it has also shaped my personality. It has shaped how I socialize with other people. Back then I would often force my personality to impress people, but I don’t mean it in a cocky way. I mean… I would try hard to keep people interested in me as their friend, and well… It was exhausting to do, I no longer do much of that anymore. I’m different now, I just let myself be myself and be natural and just go with the flow without much worry of how awkward it would be, but I don’t really mind that much anymore, It feels good now.

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