Bio…ish…. Entry 1

I am 24(barely) live alone  (it is scary at times) single  (by choice but not) …. 

Living in a city where I have no family, no friends  (none that I can truly count on) and my dog whom she is like my daughter… spoiled rotten… 

I work at a car dealershipwhere I can admit I do have a bad ass job (do nothing to get paid very well for my age anyway) but not really. I work with nothing but kids and pigs. Honestly I can’t tell if I work at high school or zoo. And most of all its the bosses that suck… yes I have pretty legit cool ass bosses but my job would be so much more kick ass if they would do their jobs. Ugh and my GM is the worst… when I first started he asked if he could give me $30k and than some if he can basically be my sugar daddy but it’s not sex he wanted, he asked if he could just come over and hang out. (Story for another day) anywhommmm. 

To sum it up, I currently am not happy with my life and I am currently not doung anything to change it. Damn I hate me right now. 

Off to bed… xo- me. 

2 thoughts on “Bio…ish…. Entry 1”

  1. What kind of dog? I fucking love my dog more than most people, lol

  2. Chihuahua yes she is life! Would die for her. What about yours?

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